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The History of Orange Cap in IPL

The orange cap is an award that is presented to the leading run-scorer in the IPL. The orange cap in IPL is awarded to the highest run-scorer after every game, and the player who scores the most runs at the end of the tournament is declared the winner. Read More

Who Scored the Highest Score in IPL till Now?

When it comes to the IPL, there is always a controversy about who scored the Highest Score in IPL. This topic is popular because of people's love for cricket and their want to learn more about their favorite players. Many times, viewers argue about who scored most runs in IPL without even knowing who that person is. With the help of this post, we seek to erase this ignorance. Read More

Which Team Has Never Won IPL Trophy?

The majority of IPL supporters have talked about clubs winning many IPL titles during their time in the league. However, did you know that there are teams that have never won the IPL? There aren't many people who can correctly answer the question of which team has never won the Indian Premier League. Read More

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