History of Football & The First Indian Football Club

Football has a lengthy history in the cricket-loving nation. Many people nowadays may be unable to answer the question, "What was India's first professional football club?". In India, commercialism has traditionally favoured cricket as a sport.

All football lovers, on the other hand, are constantly curious to learn more about the game's history in India. That is why we have included information about the first professional football club in India as well as many of the older clubs that have contributed to football's survival as a sport in India. Learn everything there is to know about the first Indian professional football team, its heroes, and its history. Please provide any information you have about these clubs that we haven't covered.

Sarada Football Club

Sarada Football Club was undoubtedly the first professional football club in India. It began in Calcutta in the year 1872. The earliest professional football team in India is also one of Asia's oldest football clubs. Calcutta was the British capital at the time, and it was also India's football hub. Many other football clubs, such as Dalhousie Club and Traders Club, were founded around the same time. None of them lasted long in the pavilion. Sarada Football Club is the only answer to the question, "What was the first Indian professional football club?"

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Mohun Bagan Football Club

All football enthusiasts are likely to have heard a lot about this team. In the year 1889, the Mohun Bagan Football Club was founded. In 1911, the club won the IFA Shield, making it the first Indian professional football club to do so. This was accomplished by defeating the East Yorkshire Regiment 2-1. Since 2001, the 29th of July has been designated as Mohun Bagan Day to commemorate this win. Baichung Bhutia, Chunni Goswami, and Goshta Pal are among the great stars of Indian football who have come from the side.

East Bengal Football Club

East Bengal is most commonly remembered as the name of the first Indian professional football team. This is almost certainly due to the team's popularity in football. It is one of India's most decorated football teams. From 1970 to 1975, the club won the Kolkata League for six years in a row. In 2003 and 2004, the team won the National Football League for the second time in a row. Football fans look forward to seeing their favourite players compete in a total sports rivalry on the field.

Salgaocar SC Sports Club

Salgaokar SC Sports Club is another well-known football club that most football fans will be familiar with. This is a Vasco-based club that represents Goa's pride. In 1999, the team made its debut in the National Football League. The club is most well-known for its amazing triumph over the East Bengal Club in 1998. By defeating such a well-known opposition club, the Salgaokar SC Sports Club won the Federation Cup in the Salt Lake Stadium. It is also the first Goa club to be asked to compete in the Durand Cup.

Mohammedan Sports Club

Calcutta's club was founded in 1891. The Mohammedan Sporting Club's name has changed several times, from Jubilee Club in 1887 to Crescent Club, Hamidia Club, and finally Mohammedan Sporting Club. The current Mohammedan Sporting Club is a formidable force. In 2013, it won the IFA Shield and the Durand Cup in the same year.

Dempo Sports Club

Dempo SC, dubbed "the most successful club in the country," has a long list of accomplishments. Between 2000 and 2010, it won the National Football League four times. It advanced to the AFC Cup semi-finals. It has a number of other achievements to its name, both on a national and international level.

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