Cricwars Referral Code: Earn Rs 25 Sign Up and Rs 100 For Each Referral

Cricwars is a gaming platform that is more than just fantasy cricket. It has three modes: Fantasy, Draft, and Auction. The fantasy mode works in the traditional way of picking a lot of 11 players and participating in contests.

Draft mode is an extended version of fantasy mode. You can create a 1v1 contest where both the players have a different set of players.

Auction mode is where you build a team from scratch and take part in a season-long competition. Did you ever dream of owning an IPL team? Come fulfill that dream on Cricwars.

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Use Cricwars Referral Code AACHA0PC3U, and get Rs 25 sign-up bonus.

What is Cricwars?

Cricwars is another cricket-themed game. Cricket fans will adore this game since it not only allows them to make money, but it also gives them a variety of discount codes and other promotional offers that they can use while playing. Many people's blood runs through their veins, and every cricket fan is seeking a platform where they may play as they like. People used to play millions of gaming applications accessible in the app store, but this game is unlike any other.

Cricwars App Download

You may download the game at Cricwar's website. Open the downloaded file after it has finished downloading. The Cricwars Apk may be downloaded from the URL provided at the end of this section. To install the APK, you must enable the capability to install apps from unknown sources in your phone's settings.

Cricwars App Download for Android Link: -

Cricwars App Download For iOS Link: -

How to Install and Sign Up on Cricwars?

  • Download the Cricwars App, after installing it on your phone.
  • Click on the referral code section after opening the app and enter the referral code AACHA0PC3U to get an instant Rs. 25 Bonus.
  • Now enter the required details such as email, password, and mobile no. etc.
  • Now click on Register.
  • To complete the registration, verify your number with OTP.

You are now successfully registered to Cricwars App with Rs. 25 Bonus in your account.

How to Play Fantasy Match on Cricwars App?

  • To begin, launch the Cricwars app and choose one of the forthcoming matchups.
  • Assemble an 11-player squad.
  • Select your team's captain and vice-captain.
  • Participate in the contest for a chance to win cash prizes or train for the contest.
  • You may either follow the matches or watch the live matches to learn about the players' strategies and how they play.
  • You can order the players according to their points now that you've chosen them.
  • The user must choose the batter, bowlers, fielders, and all-rounders from the number of players available.
  • You may learn about team selection by following other individuals.

How to Play Draft Match on Cricwars App?

  • Draft Match is a bit different from the last one in that the participants are playing in real-time.
  • Users must pick their players and form a team as normal, however, the players cannot compete in another contest.
  • One participant is only allowed to participate in one contest at a time. Apart from that, the team might be organized before the contest. The players are then locked and can no longer be deleted or exchanged.
  • This game is just for one competitor, and the rules are a little more stringent than in prior bouts.

How to Play Auction Match on Cricwars App?

  • Bidding is essential in this game.
  • It can go with the players if the user bids high for them.
  • A sufficient budget and a sense of bidding are required for the Player's selection. The user must set a budget for the 11 players in order for the squad to form and the game to begin.
  • It has live matched in which the players in the game cannot be changed. As is customary, it will be locked.
  • After the match, you will receive your points and awards.
  • The sum is determined by the player's performance and how well they performed.

How to Withdraw Money from Cricwars App?

  • Go to the wallet and select withdraw.
  • You can withdraw your winning amount either in Paytm or in the bank.
  • To get your money, keep your details updated.

After the match, all sorts of credit scores and points will be credited to the account. All you have to do is link your bank account to the app so that the pay-out does not inconvenience the user and they may utilize the money anytime they want. Users may also put money into the wallet, which can then be utilized to play the game.

Refer & Earn Program on Cricwars App

  • Open the cricket wars app and select the hamburger menu in the upper left corner.
  • Now go to the part where you may invite friends and copy your referral code.
  • Finally, tell your friends and relatives about it, and you may earn up to Rs 100 for each referral.

You may earn up to Rs 100 for each referral on Cricwars. All you have to do is use your referral code to urge your friends and family to download and play fantasy sports on Cricwars.


So don't wait any longer and download the game on your phone to begin earning money. The game is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. So have fun with the game.